Amazing Response – By Goddess Tempest

Amazing Response  – By Goddess Tempest

So those of you whom read my previous article Protecting Kids From Kink will understand what this is about. I was not prepared for the overwhelming positive response I got. I am also amazed how many parents there are within our community. With written permission I’d like to show you one of the responses I got from a concerned parent on condition I protect his privacy:

“This is ******** from FetLife.

i wanted to let You know that i loved Your article on kids and parental responsibility. As a parent who is in the D/s lifestyle and also very kinky, i couldn’t agree more with You about, essentially, the laziness of parents expecting the world to do their job for them.

i also wanted to both say that Your recent clips look AMAZING — You’ve really worked out a great camera approach and near-perfect lighting for the angles chosen.”

Friends, I can’t tell you how much even small gestures such as these means to me. When someone felt so passionate after reading an article I put a lot of research into that he took some of his own personal time to write me an email and tell me how it had an impact on him as a parent.

THAT is the kind of people and parents we NEED in our community people! And it’s people like ******** whom gives me new energy to fight for our acceptance as long as I breathe!

On that note I’d like to show you what I have done on my own website to protect kids (those with lazy parents whom can’t be bothered to install child protective software.) Check here on my site:

Since I also sell my clips on my website I needed something to warn off under age children. This however won’t help much. Telling a teenager:

“HEY! I’m nude on this website! You’re under 18 so you’re not allowed to look, go look at cute puppies instead!”

It’s a little like telling a 5 year old not to play with his new toy you just gave him or giving an adult man a beer he ordered in the pub and asking him if he and his friends won’t rather have a pink milkshake instead. Honestly, think a teenage boy is going to hit the “Exit” button on my site after he read that the site contains “Adult Content”?

But hey! At least I tried and that way I am giving myself some form of protection. I still say if you have kids then rather install the correct software as my site will be “flagged” by it (when you code an age restriction wall like I did it’s automatically blocked by such software and your kids are safe from accessing it)

For the record if you hit the “EXIT” button my age restricted warning page of my site it then takes you to a blog with the cutest puppies! LOL (For real, I linked it to do that)

However if you are over 18 and you hit the “ENTER” button it takes you to my “Welcome” page:


From here you can navigate quite easily to the stores to get access to the clips.

I have to say what surprised me most is that my site was barely 2 hours live when I got a message from the owner of the Toiletslave And Dommes store. If you don’t know who they are, well……where have you been!??

They held the Top 5 sales spot for scat content globally for months and held the Number 1 spot on Yezzclips for quite some time. They have an arsenal of over 500 clips, these guys are B-I-G!!!

They asked if I’d be willing to have them open a store on my site as well. After negotiations I agreed and I’m now the proud host of both Goddess Tempest and Toiletslave And Dommes stores:


If you click on Toiletslave And Dommes store at this stage (19th Oct 2017) you only see a photo of “Snippy” our construction dog busy creating the store for them. By Monday (23rd Oct 2017) you will be able to see some of their video’s. It will take some time and a SHITLOAD of money to get all 500 of their clips transferred to me to add to my site so have a little patience. We will get there 🙂


So from Monday the 23rd of October 2017 their store will have their clips like mine here does:


A lot of work goes into such a site in order to try and protect kids but there must also be a balance. If every page first direct you to a warning page it is highly annoying to the legal adults trying to visit the site.

Now I want you to keep reading because I’m about to share another great success story with you from another Brown Excellency reader whom sent me an email. This will give all you toilets out there more hope and determination in finding your perfect feeder 🙂

Final word regarding my website. Guys, we are two stores selling on my site now. I myself sell my clips between $1 and $3 cheaper and Toiletslave And Dommes are also selling their clips $2 per clip cheaper on average, exclusive to my site. This means you can buy their clips on other sites but you will pay an average of $2 per clip more than you would pay on my site. That mistress and I are BOTH giving up profit to give you clips cheaper as well as offer you rewards you can cash in to get your favorite clips FREE! In the end of the day you pay less, you get rewards, you build up your rewards so you can get FREE Full HD clips.

Guys, please show us some support. The system I’m using for Payment as well as sending the clips have been “BETA TESTED” thanx to one of my fans whom participated in the testing process. I already sold and sent some clips to buyers without any problems so my system is operational and working.

You can visit my site and see what it’s all about and how it all works here:

If you have any questions then you can contact me here directly:

Now, for that success story I promised to share with you from a Brown Excellency reader. I’m going to provide some detail as you won’t BELIEVE what you’re about to read!

On a personal note, i recently opened up to my Dominant about my desire to further my worship of Her as a full toilet — it was a bit nerve wracking as W/e had never discussed FTT or the like before — and She could not have been more excited! She had an arrangement with a previous slave that thrilled Her but felt i might be scared off by it! Three years in and still learning about each other, LOL!

After a few weeks of conversation, W/e determined that W/e are on the same page – for U/s it isn’t a “kink” or “play” (nothing wrong with that), but more poltical and emotional: a statement of rejection of the normative, a reflection of my absolute adoration of EVERYTHING about Her, embracing of a totally gynarchical dynamic between U/s and a further reflection of Her completel ownership of me.

Read it again and let it sink in. It’s beautiful isn’t it? This toilet found himself a beautiful mistress to feed him. He is going to be an amazing toilet for her.

Guys? Do you now understand why I KEEP PUSHING you to COMMUNICATE with your partner / girlfriend / spouse?

I am sooooooo glad this fan opened up to me about this because now FINALLY I have written proof for you. They have been in a relationship for THREE YEARS and both LOVE scat / human toilet slavery but neither told each other because both were afraid of each other’s reaction.

COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION!!!! It’s ALL about communicating our hopes and desires to each other guys! That is ALL there is to it! Can you imagine your girlfriend or loving wife using you as a toilet without having to pay a prodomme? Do NOT get me wrong. There is NOTHING wrong with a prodomme offering her services to use you as a toilet at a fee but just like sex, kink is just that much more satisfying when you can play with your loved one. This email I received is a classic example of What will he / she think of me?  Both craved toilet slavery but neither knew the other one craved it as well. I must REALLY start writing that book with step by step guides about how to get your partner into kink and toilet slavery if she is 100% vanilla.

I do get people asking me:

“Aren’t you shooting yourself in the foot? If you educate couples into toilet slavery then all those guys won’t buy your clips anymore”

You sure about that buddy? Millions of wives all over the world are having sex with their husbands and yet the porn industry is stronger than ever.

My husband and I buy and watch porn on a regular basis and let me assure you, we have sex at least EVERY 24 HOURS!

I am a firm believer if your husband is screwing around behind your back you are 50% to blame, END OF STORY!

I should note that for women there is a HUGE difference between Fucking and Making Love

I fuck my husband’s brains out every 24 hours but we make love 2 to 3 times a week. Let me answer the obvious question for men, what’s the difference?

When I fuck my husband I’m after two things:

  1. Being in control meaning I jump him like a rabies rabbit and ride him like a horse till neither of us can move
  2. Achieving the maximum amount of extremely intense orgasms during that time. And I don’t give a shit how loud we are during these orgasms.

When I make love to him it’s different. It’s gentle and the build up to a gentle orgasm that last for several minutes is slow. During orgasm we look into each other’s eyes so we can see each other’s orgasm faces (extremely vulnerable for any human being) Unlike fucking that can last anything from 20 to 40 minutes until both are exhausted lovemaking can last and entire day.

And guess what? Hubby and I watch porn, A LOT! So no, I’m not shooting myself in the foot. That’s exactly HOW I got into scat and fetish in the first place lol Good old MFX scat productions, how I miss you guys! Hahaha

Thank you for reading.

In other “House Tempest” news:

My site is now open and I’m busy creating a second store for “Toiletslave And Dommes” as well.

Want to buy scat / toilet slavery clips directly from me CHEAPER and SAFER? Don’t use your credit card and run the risk of exposing yourself or worse. Visit my site:

Or even contact me here directly for more information:

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