Bianca & Monique – By Goddess Tempest.

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Bianca & Monique

Bianca & Monique – By Goddess Tempest

“Thank you for letting me stay with you for the week Bianca, there is no way I’m setting foot in my apartment again until they replace that roof. Should be done in a week but I’m grateful I can crash here at your place”

Bianca looked up at Monique. They are both 22 years old this year and they’ve known each other since they were 6. Best friends for a long time.

Monique has a certain look that Bianca always wished she had. Her blond hair and piercing blue eyes were always her best striking features. Not that it bothered Bianca. She herself was a striking brunette and her hazel eyes was always quite the attraction. Together the two of them were capable to break many a heart if they wanted to.

Bianca have told Monique a few years ago that she was bisexual. Monique confided in her that she couldn’t say for certain whether she was bisexual or not but that she did kiss another girl in collage one night when she was drunk. They always trusted each other with their deepest secrets. She looked at Monique as she replied:

“Sweetie I told you it’s no trouble. I still wish you’d just move in with me, we’re both single and we both are too busy with studies and work to have relationships. We’d be perfect roommates”

Monique gave her usual giggle as she said:

“You and me under one roof? Can you imagine the mischief we’d get up to together?”

“Very true sweetie” Bianca replied,

“Want to watch a movie tonight?”

Monique gave her usual smile as she said:

“You know I’m immune to horror movies, nothing scare or shock me anymore. I wish for once I can watch a scary movie that will REALLY freak me out”

Bianca smiled as she said:

“I was hoping you’d say that, I got my hands on a movie that was banned in over 17 countries including ours.”

She saw Monique’s interest was peaked

“It’s called Human Centipede or something. It’s apparently the SICKEST movie ever made. So order us that pizza, we’ll drink a few glasses of wine and see if we can keep it down while watching THAT”

It wasn’t long after that the two women were sitting in front of the television watching Human Centipede and what Bianca haven’t told Monique is she watched it several times before. Bianca has never actively played scat games but it’s a huge fantasy for her and she always dreamed of finding someone to try with. Bianca watched Monique from the corner of her eye and because she has known her best friend so long she knew the little signs. Monique’s eyes were intensely glued to the screen as the part came up of the two girls and the guy in front, stitched together by the mad doctor, ass to mouth. She saw how Monique’s breathing increased when the guy at the front couldn’t hold any longer and started shitting into the girl’s mouth behind him, the girl gagging, pleading and struggling like a mad animal as the guy shit down her throat. Bianca decided to “test the water” a little bit and whispered to Monique:

“I know it’s sick but in a very strange way it’s arousing, maybe because it’s so taboo”

It was Bianca’s words that brought Monique back to reality. She was actually disgusted and extremely aroused at the same time. She always knew Bianca had a wild streak and those words of Bianca scared and excited her at the same time. Monique was always curios about ass play and sniffed her own panties many times. She never told Bianca this but she was always fascinated by the idea of licking another girl’s ass, just to see if the taste could make her cum. Perhaps it was the wine that gave her the courage to whisper back to Bianca:

“I know you’ll think I’m a freak but I’m wondering what it would be like to be restrained and having another girl taking a big shit down your throat would be like. It really makes me curios”

She had her breath for what seemed like an eternity until Bianca replied with a tremble in her voice:

“Well…….I uhm…….guess we can try it? You’re curios to be restrained and force fed like that and I’m very curios about what it will feel like doing that to another girl. Why don’t I feed you like that? We’ve known each other our whole lives, we are best friends and I won’t put you in danger, we trust each other. I can hold my shit several days to make sure it’s a big bowel movement and I’ll push it out slowly”

Monique felt her crotch soaking as she took all the courage she had and said:

“If we do this I want to be restrained, I’m after that helpless feeling so I need to know you can promise me you’ll go through with it, to push your whole bowel movement out even if I cry and struggle like that girl in the movie”

Bianca replied:

“I promise sweetie”

Bianca and Monique spent the next several hours almost until sunrise discussing plans and even purchased a portable potty toilet like the ones used for camping. Modifying it and testing to make sure it would work perfect for Monique’s feeding. They laughed several times as Bianca sat down on Monique’s mouth in the next few days to test everything. Quite a lot of modifications were made so Monique’s head could be secured with straps inside, her hands can by restrained with handcuffs on the sides. Planks were installed on the floor to restrain Monique’s ankles. Over the next two days it was tested several times because Monique wanted to be sure no matter what she does that she couldn’t escape. She wanted Bianca to be in full control.

Over the days they even joked about it. The one lunch they had in a restaurant Bianca was eating corn when she looked at Monique and playfully whispered:

“Wonder what this will taste like coming out of my ass in a day or two”

Monique just laughed. The next day they ate a huge bacon and egg breakfast and that late afternoon Monique cracked the joke towards Bianca by saying:

“I wonder if this delicious chicken and potatoes will taste nasty when you shit it out?”

Bianca playfully winked at Monique with those huge hazel eyes of hers saying:

“You’ll find out tomorrow when I shit down your throat sweetie”

Both laughed and Monique was confident, there is no way Bianca can hold her shit that long, she’ll probably shit tonight and Monique was sure whatever Bianca will push into her mouth tomorrow morning will probably just be whatever they are going to eat tonight.

The next morning was the big day and the two girls were pretty nervous and quiet as they set up their toilet box. As everything was put in place and they started to strip naked Monique felt butterflies in her stomach from the nerves.

Monique’s heart were racing as she put her head through the small hole of the toilet box and stared into the toilet seat Bianca was going to sit on above her. She felt the handcuffs around her wrists and around her ankles clicking into place and pulled with all her might on each to make sure she won’t escape. She looked at Bianca through the toilet seat as Bianca secured the straps around her head and they tested to make sure Monique couldn’t move her head and perhaps hurt her neck.

“Why are you looking so nervous? I’m the one at the bottom” she jokingly told Bianca. Bianca smiled and said:

“My bowels just hurt a lot, holding a shit in for 3 days is no joke sweetie”

Both laughed nervously as Monique tried to convince herself Bianca was lying, NO ONE can hold a shit in that long, or can they? She never actually kept an eye on Bianca so did Bianca really not shit the past 3 days?

She then felt something being inserted into her vagina and gasped. Bianca quickly explained:

“Easy sweetie, it’s okay. Just a vibrator, no reason for you not to also have some fun. I’ll switch it on at the right time”

One final time Monique tested the restraints to make sure there was no way of backing out or escaping and she was satisfied that she was completely helpless. She smiled at Bianca staring at her through the toilet seat.

Bianca lowered her face through the toilet seat close to Monique’s as she asked with concern:

“Are you SURE Monique? I’m going to take a huge shit because I’ve really held it in for three days. Once I sit down on your mouth there’s no turning back, no safe words, no way to tell me you changed your mind. You literally have a final chance now to tell me. Are YOU sure you want me to force feed you my entire bowel movement?”

Doubts raced through Monique’s mind, she wasn’t up for this and every fiber of her being was telling her to say “No” but the warmth spreading through her body between her legs, the taboo arousal of it all made her say:

“I love you Bianca, I’m sure. Make me swallow EVERYTHING until you’re empty and satisfied”

Bianca gave Monique a gentle kiss on the lips as she said:

“Good luck, Love you sweetie”

Bianca then turned around and started lowering her bottom onto the toilet seat. Monique felt butterflies in her stomach as Bianca spread her ass cheeks and the darker skin around her anus was exposed. Monique opened her mouth wide and the strong anal scent of Bianca almost overwhelmed her as she felt the pressure of Bianca’s asshole forming a tight seal on her open lips.

Monique’s nose pressed into Bianca’s butt crack so she could still breathe but the ass smell told her Bianca didn’t take a bath. However Bianca warned her that she can get sadistic when it comes to her fantasies. Monique was terrified but in a good way, she just didn’t expect to feel this trapped. Bianca’s asshole is pressing very hard and the anal skin feels hot against her lips being crushed under the weight.

She felt Bianca’s gentle fingers caressing her handcuffed hands as she said:

“Go on sweetie, it’s okay. You’re alright, lick my ass. Taste it”

Monique starting licking softly and had to work on keeping herself from gagging. Bianca’s asshole felt slippery and hot and tasted musky and slightly salty.

“That’s my girl, now use your whole tongue instead of just the tip so you can lick between every wrinkle. I know it’s not the most pleasant taste but true love is about excepting EVERYTHING about your girlfriend’s body. Not just the good but the bad and unpleasant as well”

Monique made her tongue flat and applied more pressure to Bianca’s asshole. The taste of Bianca’s ass spread like wildfire through her mouth as she heard Bianca moan in pleasure:

“Hhhhhhhmmmmm, yes yes yes yes yes yesssssssss, like……that……keep…….going. Except that part of my body’s taste sweeite”

Bianca was experiencing pure ecstasy on a level she never felt before. The amazing feeling of Monique’s soft & wet tongue felt cool against her unwashed asshole. The experience on a mental level was even more amazing. Knowing it’s her best friend licking her ass and the slight sadistic pleasure of feeling Monique’s discomfort below her. Yet Monique kept licking, it made Bianca feel special, more importantly it made her feel loved and gave her the secure feeling of knowing not only was she in full control of Monique but that Monique saw her as the best person in the world by keeping on licking her ass despite of how unpleasant it must be for her. She heard the slight tremble of excitement in her own voice as she told Monique:

“Whatever happens now, don’t stop licking….”

With that Bianca gave in to the longing urge to push.

As Monique heard those words and felt Bianca’s asshole moving and bulging into her mouth and against her tongue she kept licking despite the terror spreading through her. She felt Bianca’s asshole open slightly and then her tongue made contact with the tip of something. It felt slightly soft but yet firmer than her tongue. It was then that a very foul bitter taste was picked up by her taste buds and the taste spread into her nasal canal. She recognized it as a strong shit smell and knew she was licking the tip of Bianca’s turd, poking out of her asshole. Without warning a strong gag reflex kicked in and Monique pulled her tongue away from Bianca’s poking turd and stretched open asshole as far as she could. She heard Bianca’s words of encouragement:

“No sweetie…….keep licking. Show me true love, except everything about my body you love so much. Lick my shithole, I want to feel your tongue glide over the tip of my shit”

Tears were welling up in Monique’s eyes as she fought her gag reflex and licked the tip of the turd and the surrounding stretched anal skin around it. The humiliation was almost unbearable, licking your friend’s asshole and shit. Monique felt disgusted as well as proud of herself. It’s so humiliating and the taste unbearable but why does it feel so “right”? Why does it feel like such an intense act of love?

Bianca was in heaven. One after another the soft moans of pure ecstasy escaped her lips as she felt Monique lick her stretched open asshole and shit. Monique’s gagging as her tongue kept sliding over her shit and open asshole sent Bianca into the first convulsions of orgasm that lasted nearly 30 seconds.

Strangely enough as Moniue felt the fluid dripping from Bianca’s vagina onto her throat and saw the pure pleasure ripping through her friend’s body she felt slightly better. At least Bianca is having an amazing orgasm.

As Bianca’s orgasm drew to an end Monique felt extreme relieve as she felt the tip of the turd pull back into Bianca’s rectum and her ass closing up. She love her but this is a bit much, if only the tip taste THAT bad what would a whole bowel movement be like to actually swallow? Thankfully it seems Bianca changed her mind but why was she not getting up?

Bianca never felt more alive in her entire life than now. She knew what kind of power she had right now. She could get up and push this massive shit out in the bathroom toilet or she could simply remain seated and push it into Monique’s mouth and down her throat without mercy. She could feel the fire between her legs building up from these thoughts and decided to test the water a bit, see first how Monique is coping down there.

Monique’s fear grew. Deep down in her mind she knew that Bianca MIGHT go through with this but she’s very glad now. It seems Bianca can’t find it in her heart to do this. Monique felt intense relieve because quite frankly, she’s not sure if she can handle this. It’s just too much. She was changing her mind, and FAST. However the words she are now hearing from Bianca is bringing pure TERROR:

“Monique, from what I read the tip of a turd is pretty much tasteless compared to the rest of the shit in the colon. It’s possibly going to taste a 100 times worse. I know you can’t talk down there or close your mouth to form words so I’ll ask you the question and if you want to say yes just make a “Uuuuhh” sound once. For no you just make it twice, like “Uuuuhh-Uuuhh” Monique? Can I still shit in your mouth so you can swallow everything?”

Panic spread through Monique. She definitely can’t go through with this now as her mind screamed “Fuck Human Centipede!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!” As loud as she could Monique screamed against Bianca’s asshole:


As Bianca felt those vibrations against her asshole pure sadistic pleasure raced through her body knowing Monique changed her mind. THAT was what she was really hoping for. She wanted to stroke her clit and breasts but she didn’t want to cum again right now. She wanted to savor this moment. Her voice trembled as she told Monique:

“It’s okay sweetie I understand, but remember I gave you a final chance before I sat down? Remember I told you there will be no turning back? Just give me a second, I’ll start shitting into your mouth now and like I promised, I’ll make you swallow EVERYTHING till my bowels are empty and relieved”

For the next minute or so Bianca just slipped into the pleasure of enjoying her massive control over Monique, feeling the vibrations of her screams against her asshole:


She could clearly make out from the muffled screams Monique was also trying to scream:


Bianca shivered as she let go of the massive, almost painful urge to push and felt her asshole slowly starting to open again into Monique’s mouth.

Monique was desperately trying to free herself from her restraints with no luck. As the tip of the turd made contact with her tongue again she could feel it’s actually a whole lot bigger than before and much more of a stronger bitter taste. She gagged as she pulled her tongue back into her mouth, as far away as possible from Bianca’s shit. There was no escape though as the horrible taste hit every fiber of her being as the thick turd left a creamy path as it slowly slid over her whole tongue and base of her entire mouth towards her throat. Her cheeks started to bulge as her mouth was full, there was simply no more space and every nook and cranny of her mouth was filled with the thick creamy mass of shit. Monique gave a muffled cry of despair as she felt pieces of corn scraping over her teeth, remembering Bianca ate corn at the restaurant three days ago. She knew then Bianca wasn’t lying, she really didn’t shit for three days! How much will it be!!??

She then heard the most frightening words yet as Bianca said between gasps:

“Monique? Okay I barely started……can’t hold back anymore……..get ready…….to…….swallow”

Bianca’s mouth hanged open slightly with the painful expression on her face from the pleasure of letting go of this massive shit. She heard the gargling gagging noises and saw Monique’s hands trying to claw their way to freedom from the handcuffs as she felt one thick, creamy turd after another slowly sliding out of her rectum & asshole forcing it’s way down Monique’s throat without any mercy.

Monique was enduring true and intense suffering. Her whole body was covered in her own sweat as each huge turd came after another, each one a little softer than the one before and more horrible in taste.

Suddenly it stopped and she heard Bianca gasping and felt her convulsing in a massive orgasm as fluid shot from Bianca’s vagina onto Monique’s neck and perky breasts. She heard Bianca grunting:


Monique then felt Bianca explode into multiple orgasms on top of her and she felt Bianca grabbing her hands tight as this happened.

She heard Bianca getting her breath back and then felt the pleasure of the vibrations from the vibrator in her vagina that Monique put in earlier. As her hips starting thrusting from the pleasure she heard Bianca say:

“Don’t fight the taste sweetie, embrace it, embrace everything from my body with love, love even my shit that comes from my shithole as you swallow it and that ugly part of me becomes one with you to make it beautiful. You should taste the bacon & eggs I had for breakfast yesterday morning as well as the afternoon’s roasted chicken & potatoes next. It’s going to be bad but embrace the taste from my shithole, don’t fight it”

Strangely enough Monique wasn’t feeling humiliation anymore. As she felt her own orgasm reaching she no longer felt disgust. No, all she felt right now was the amazing love between herself and Bianca. Bianca was right though, the shit was softer, creamier but with thick firmer chunks in between. The taste was at least 5 times worse and she gagged with no control as it forced it’s foul way through her mouth and down her throat. But the most amazing part was despite her intense suffering she no longer felt disgust, only love and the beauty of it all. One woman consuming the shit of another as both started cumming hard that their bodies convulsed.

Bianca was in ecstasy as her body almost folded double from the intense orgasms while feeling the last loose and creamy shits leaving her rectum into Monique’s mouth and down her throat. As she was finally empty she wanted to fuck Monique and she wanted to hold her tight as she fucked her hard. Not making love, there is now more than enough love between them. She wanted to FUCK!

She got up quickly, removed Monique’s restraints and and straps around her head and pulled her out of the toilet box. Monique was exhausted but her eyes glazed over in affection and love. Bianca took the two sided dildo, showed one end into Monique’s soaking wet & swollen vagina and the other end into her own.

She laid down on Bianca, shoved her finger’s into Monique’s shit filled mouth and scooped out the last mouth full of her shit that she smeared onto her own breasts as well as Monique’s. She laid down fully on Monique and rubbed her own face against Monique’s shit smeared face as both started thrusting in perfect rhythm with each other. They thrusted like shit smeared animals, holding each other tight as both started to cum HARD, gushing their female cum fluid against each other groins.

They finally collapsed in each other’s arms, not caring about the shit smell or stains all over their bodies. They just stared at each other with lazy glazed eyes filled with the perfect lesbian scat love. Monique finally broke the silence by asking softly:

“Bianca? I love you, will you go out with me?’

Bianca replied:

“Monique, we now share intimacy other’s can only dream of. I want to spend my life with you. I want us to spend the rest of our lifetime learning everything about this amazing kink TOGETHER. Next time I want to be the bottom with you force feeding me with no mercy. I LOVE you”

The End…….for now

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