Louise Hunter – Shit Happens Every Day (Hightide-Video)

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Having been a fan of Louise Hunter since her very early days (when she had blonde or black hair, and was a lot smaller), I was so excited when I learned that Hightide Video had a new film “Shit Happens Every Day” coming which starred the beautiful English lass.

Many people (who were previous fans) in the scat community were shocked with how much weight that Louise seemed to have gained since being away from filming for so long, but for me personally – this was all the better! I have always been a sucker for a more “fuller-figured” woman, so it suited me down to the ground!

To begin, the film is 1 hour and 12 minutes long (one of Hightide’s longer films, to be honest), and it starts with two older guys (one who is named Klodysseus, whom I have chatted to extensively and began a pretty close friendship over the past few months).

The two guys have Louise come over and immediately already half naked (just a very small singlet on, covering her massive tits). Within minutes she is straddled over one of the guys, pissing into his mouth in huge gushes. She truly does piss a lot during this scene.

Soon enough, her asshole is poked by the guy’s finger until it covers his finger with her delicious brown delight, before she squats over him and let’s loose with a torrent of soft/watery shit across his face and chest.

She continues to smear her shit over both guys, blowing them and talking dirty the whole time etc.

The rest of the film includes three more guys, a lot of very heavy shitting, smearing, eating and gagging, some light puking etc.

For me, the film is slightly overlong (and I would have preferred more puking from Louise, and more shitting from her rather than the guys), but other than that, the film was incredibly entertaining, and is an amazing return to form for Louise.

Hopefully, we shall see more of Louise in the future, and let this not be her last film!



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