Future Generations – By Goddess Tempest

Future Generations  – By Goddess Tempest

Future Generations Goddess Tempest

Maybe I’m just over sensitive today. Maybe it’s just frustration? What I do know is our older readers (30-200 years old) will possibly agree with what I’m writing today.

I am quite concerned about future generations and not just with scat / human toilet slavery but in general. Allow me to explain why:

My husband told me before how his dad use to tell him: “I weep for the future because with every new young generation comes more and more laziness and entitlement”

Hubby says it’s only now that he is getting older that he starts to understand what his dad meant. I can also testify since I went into my thirties I’m starting to see more and more why my father in law is saying that.

It’s been well over a year I’ve been searching for another girl to be in my video’s with me. Either to feed my slave with me or for her to be fed by my in a lesbian human toilet production. What frustrates me is not so much finding them, what frustrates me is their mindset and that whole but the world owns ME something way of thinking these girls have.

Here in South Africa unemployment is a HUGE issue with more than 50% of South Africans unemployed. MOST of them will never find a job again. This leads to employers taking advantage of the situation by unfair treatment of their employees. They know the employees will not complain or press charges.

I know of most girls leaving high school after they graduate and IF they are lucky enough to find something they work on average 60 hours a week for salaries of roughly R3000 (roughly $214 USD) PER MONTH! They are being taken advantage of but they won’t dare complain because even if they do find another job it will take years.

Here is what upsets me. I try to get them to do a few clips with me (these girls are not vanilla and they do have quite a few kinks) The very first question I get asked:

How much will I make?

Okay, let’s assume for now it is a fair question because money is what makes the world turn. I explain to them if they do 3 shoots with me a week they can make between $250 and $400 o MONTH within the first year. Guess what they reply:

Is that all?

Okay sweetheart, 3 shoots a week means you’ll work ROUGHLY 6 to 9 hours a week (24 to 36 hours a month) for MORE money than you are being paid now for 240 HOURS a month! After 2 to 3 years you can make up to $2000 a month, possibly more.

But NOOOOOOOOOOO! You see, they want to make one or two clips and make thousands of dollars a month. It does NOT work that way! Of course money must be a factor, it is even for me but why so greedy?

I can give you COUNTLESS examples but I’ll bore you to death. Personally I think it’s because it’s too easy to run to mommy & daddy for money when things get too rough. I know of women as old as 30 years moving back to her parents and finding a job for minimum wage because THAT is the easiest. Keep at that and then find the next guy to marry. I’m not sure about the rest of the world but in South Africa most young girls still have that 1960’s mentality. A 26 year old girl recently told me the reason she won’t do these shoots is because she doesn’t want to work, her own words:

I’m still young & pretty enough to find a man who can take care of me and my child financially. Why would I try to make my own money? My dad takes care of me until I can re-marry

Unfortunately THAT is how most of them think. I always wonder if they have no self respect or dignity? This particular girl quit her job and moved in with her dad because she didn’t like that she had to go to a place everyday and be told what to do in exchange for money (in other words, A JOB!) What is scaring me is I’m seeing this more and more and more…

The best example is this one. The girl is 25, her son has to start school next year. She doesn’t have employment, she is into anal kink and DESPERATE for money. But she really want to be there for her son as well while making up her own salary. So we talked, I can help her set up her own store even, help her to get a steady income and this is the response:

I’ll never be able to do that hehe

I’m like WTF???? You NEVER tried it but already you say you won’t be able to do it. You’ll work 2 to 3 hours a day, 3 days a week and earn the same salary in the beginning that other girls have to work 60 hours a WEEK for! Oh, when I say “girls” I actually mean women twice her age working their asses off just to put food on the table. I can’t help but shake my head at this little spoiled bitch.

It seems the moment they are under 30 years of age they have thousands of piss poor excuses. What frustrated me is I was never like that, maybe it’s because I was raised to be independent. When I learned the art of human toilet slavery I was 19 years old and there was no mistress or goddess in her 30’s holding my little hand. Is that maybe the problem? I don’t want them to feel like freaks the way I did. Is that the problem? I’m too kind or concerned? I was 19 and only after a few months of starting to use my slave as a toilet I asked my husband (back then still my boyfriend) to use ME as HIS toilet. To restrain me and shit into my mouth, making me swallow his entire bowel movement no matter how much I cried without mercy. Why? Because I felt I needed to know what my slave experience when I’m going to start doing THAT to him. My I add only 10 months before this I was 100% VANILLA!

So where is the dedication and guts of the younger generation? Has it only become about money for all of you? Doing nothing for everything? I can’t say as little as possible because they won’t even do that.

Saddest part is I have a couple of girls overseas whom want to grab such an opportunity with EVERY body part but they are in another country. So that brings me to the conclusion that the problem is with my fellow country women. Seems my country spoiled the girls too much. Go look at the old MFX scat productions from the late 1990’s. You can clearly see despite the excellent acting many of those women did not enjoy having another girl shit in her mouth. But guess what? It’s in Brazil where many of these women had kids at home whom need to be fed so they do whatever it takes to take care of their children. They can’t run to mommy and daddy to take care of them and their kids. Hell! If only I could have had those women with me in my productions. I would’ve paid them properly by profit sharing and made sure they would be financially secure to build their own productions (some of them have in fact)

It’s FRUSTRATING to say the least! Here there are girls into it but it’s easier to just stay under your parents roofs until you find a man with a thick enough bank balance to take care of you. Girls? I want to ask you a question:

Do you HONESTLY think men are that stupid these days?

Your little “plan” worked great 20 – 50 years ago but unfortunately for you sweetheart MEN caught up on these little tricks and they work their asses off for their money. They are not going to part from it because you have a cute little smile lol

In Afrikaans we have a saying “soort soek soort” Roughly translated it means: “type wants type” Forget what your mommy taught you about “opposites attract” THAT means personality and NOT money. You see the true rich gentlemen driving the BMW’s, Porches’ and Lambo’s hang out at the TOP 5 star hotels. Places that won’t let you within 200 feet of their buildings. These men are rich and successful and they mingle with rich and successful women also driving   BMW’s, Porches’ and Lambo’s.

You think those men hang out at the thrift store where you shop for bargains or the cheap take-out food place on the corner? No sweetie, they don’t so chances of meeting them in the circles of people you mingle with are 0%.

I think too many of these girls saw the movie Titanic where third class passenger Jack Dawson swept Kate Winslet off her feet (she played the role of high society and rich first class passenger) Sweetie that happens only in Hollywood and in reality poor passengers (like YOU) were not even allowed on the same sections of the ship as the rich folk (the man you want to marry your lazy ass)

You think that doesn’t happen today? I recently had to go do a financial audit for a client at one of THOSE hotels in Johannesburg. They knew I was coming there and yet they stopped me at the gate and explained I have to use the underground parking because I drive a KIA! You see at the front of this hotel the CHEAPEST car allowed to park there is:

BMW 740i

Mercedes Benz S350

Audi A8 3.0TDI

They only allow BMW 5 series, Mercedes Benz E class and Audi A6’s under VERY SPECIAL circumstances.

Oh, little fun fact when the CEO showed me the list after the audit. Porsche Boxers are considered “cheap knock offs” and must also use the underground parking along with my KIA, VW’s and other “cheap shit” like Ford’s, Chevrolet and 3 series BMW’s.

So sweetie, good luck meeting your future husband there after you found parking for your 1992 Ford Fiesta LOL Because my 2013 Kia still worth over R160 000 ($12 000 USD) did not qualify for the parking where it can be seen by the guests as well as people passing on the street hundreds of feet away. So this “Snobbism” is STILL very much in place I’ll have you know.

Am I perhaps too harsh? How hard is it really to sit on a chair in comfort, taking a relaxing shit through the hole into a slave’s mouth? It’s not like it’s a skilled occupation or anything and you can make some good money of it. But yes, you won’t be driving a Lambo soon. Give me a cheap 4×4 to go drive like a maniac in the mountains with any day over a snobbish sports car. Does seem however what most young girls are looking for though…

Our fetish will unfortunately always be frowned upon and looked down at. I suppose that is most likely the reason why girls turn it down as well. But not just girls, even men much older than I am. Recently I asked a fellow South African kinkster for a quote to build me like a toilet throne but for the use of video productions when I shit into my slave’s mouth.

Instead of quoting me he notified me that it’s no problem for him to build it but unfortunately he can’t build it for me because knowing what I’m using it for makes his “stomach turn”

I found his kink of dressing up like rubber dolls quite disturbing but haven’t said anything once about it, so why look down on my fetish? It’s not like I asked him to be a toilet for my video’s, just wanted him to build me the structure. But hey, I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I guess I should be used to this by now but every now and then when the words “stomach turn” is used by someone not understanding the fetish it does sting a bit. People do not understand our beloved fetish. They just think of the fact that its shit and shit smells bad and they immediately feel they need to describe their disgust towards us to drive their point home. As if I’ll ever stop doing what I love because of an uneducated opinion lol

I like shitting in my slave’s mouth, I LOVE it in fact to feel my turds sliding out and hearing him gag, chew and swallow. If anyone is waiting for an apology from me regarding my love for the fetish they better stack up on canned foods because they are going to wait a LONG time…


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One thought on “Future Generations – By Goddess Tempest

  1. Goddess tempest,

    I correspond with several girls in the Philippines who are dirt poor. They really
    struggle to just to get the absolute basics.

    To help them out, I have offered to give them clothes, and other things, but they
    would rather be poor then expose themselves. Shamelful!

    I wish I COULD WITH YOU GODDESS, I have many ideas in filming with your
    current slave, & to add to that. (Even have suggestions how to get some
    of those South African bitches we willing to shit for money.)

    Don’t despair!


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