A note about unwanted visitors

Goodevening readers.

A few weeks ago, we blocked the first visitors from our Twitter page. This was because they tried to open a conversation by sending us a picture of their penis.

We found this behavior very inappropriate and blocked them immediately.

However, we often hear that a lot of females get those requests daily (!) So our unpleasant experience with those idiots was probably less than 0,02 percent of what those ladies have to endure every month…stuff to think about.

We are no experts on this, but this is probably the reason most of the females have a hard time opening up about their (sex) life. We men are ruining it for them, ourselves and each other.

The actual offenders are probably not the ones reading this, but still: Please keep this in mind when you message someone on the internet, also on sex/fetish related sites and when it’s another male.

To all the visitors which show respect and do not act like idiots: we love you!

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2 thoughts on “A note about unwanted visitors

  1. Now you know how we feel! Hahahaa. I get on average between 3 and 12 messages like that DAILY! LOL

    What you say is very true, that is why many of us do not open up about our sex life online. Even worse when you open up about your scat fetish. Luckily you have a quality blog attracting quality readers mostly. The “wankers” and “trolls” usually don’t stick around blogs like yours for very long. It’s easier to troll other sites.

    But thank you for this, I think in the end of the day because you attract respectful readers you will have more and more ladies “coming out” regarding their scat fantasies here on Brown Excellency 🙂

  2. Goddess,

    I can’t imagine the NERVE of anyone sending photos of their penis, especially in
    a site like this. To me, it reeks in GREAT INSUBORDINATION.

    But it gave me an idea. Maybe in the future, the technology will be there, that when
    a Goddess receives a vulgar response (like a photo of some stupid male’s cock),
    that they will be able to send an E-mail response back. But the response from
    the Goddess, will give a ZAP OF ELECTRICITY that will SHOCK (just to stun) the

    Love to get YOUR reaction to this Goddess.

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