Physical Aspect Of Using Human Toilets

Physical Aspect Of Using Human Toilets  – By Goddess Tempest

I have explained my attraction to the use of human toilets before but today I want to explain the physical (or is it more psychological?) aspect of why I prefer to use human toilets over regular bathroom toilets.

Ever since I was introduced to this back in 2002 at the age of 19 I fell in love with it. Well, not right away. Remember I was 100% vanilla before this so of course it felt insanely WEIRD & WRONG at the time of course. I felt dirty and ashamed but mostly betrayed by my own body because I was aroused by it.

Luckily I have grown to understand my fetish and sadistic nature over the years and instead of rejecting it I embraced it. The big question is WHY? Why on earth do I enjoy to take a shit in another human being’s mouth and why do I get aroused when he / she squirm & gag as they try to eat it? It took years of self discovery to realize what I know today. That there is nothing wrong with me or my human toilet. It’s NORMAL and it is who I am.

First there is the mental aspect about it for me. Let’s just be honest with each other today. Compare this:

Physical Aspect Of Using Human Toilets


Physical Aspect Of Using Human Toilets

Let’s stick to the truth, you can’t tell me the mental aspect of a human toilet isn’t more arousing. Compare these two picture and really THINK about it for a second with an open mind folks.

A regular bathroom toilet is exactly that. A piece of equipment designed for humans to take a shit in and flush it away. It’s lifeless, cold and has no emotional connection to anything.

The human toilet however is on a whole other level. THAT what you see right there is a HUMAN BEING and NOT intended to cope or consume human shit. No matter how you look at it, it’s humiliating for the person at the bottom. Shit STINKS and taste HORRIBLE. That’s it, nothing more to say about it. Yet that PERSON is showing his devotion to me by being an actual toilet for me.

That’s the first part of my arousal and why I love to use human toilets instead of regular bathroom toilets. It’s because of that human being’s devotion which brings me to the next comparison. When you open a regular bathroom toilet lid this is what you see:

A cold, emotionless pan filled with a little water. First thing that bothers me is we need water to survive. Water is life and what do we do with it? We shit in it, LITERALLY! Then we use more of the life source to flush our disgusting SHIT away. What I HATE the most and this happens often with me when I push out thick and creamy turds is when that cold water does splash-back right against my asshole. I HATE it! Luckily unlike most women THIS is what I get to see when I use the toilet:

Be honest, there is simply NO comparison between the two. The moment I stare through the hole of the human toilet seating I see my slave opening his mouth, inviting me to use him despite the fact that is NOT what human beings are designed to endure.

Knowing as I sit down he must endure the smell of my unwashed asshole because unlike a regular toilet he his feelings, emotions and a strong sense of smell. Wouldn’t you agree THAT prospect is much more enticing than a lifeless pan of cold water?

Then there is the physical aspect of using a human toilet. Feeling his / her breath on your exposed bottom as they lick your smelly asshole. It feels really amazing. Feeling that soft & warm tongue licking between every smelly wrinkle of your anus for YOUR comfort. Tell me, what regular bathroom toilet can do THAT?

As the slave’s tongue pleasure you by licking your ass you start to push without a single worry of cold & nasty water splashing back against your exposed and sensitive anus. Best part is when you push and your asshole start to open against his tongue briefly before you feel his tongue licking the tip, sort of lubricating it of you. Then as you feel your shit starting to push his tongue out of the way as it fills his mouth.

I LOVE the gargle and gagging noises as you feel the movement of him chewing and swallowing your creamy turds as they slide out. There is simply NOTHING better than that. It’s a whole lot better than hearing that splashing sound and feeling that cold water hitting your ass lol

That ultimate relieve and pleasure from taking a satisfying shit combined with the experience that it’s being consumed by another HUMAN BEING underneath you. Not exactly a pleasurable experience for the person under you on the receiving end and yet he / she does this WILLINGLY out of pure DEVOTION to YOU as a person. It is that ultimate satisfaction that NO regular bathroom toilet can ever provide you with.

It is also quite strong on a psychological aspect too especially for me as a woman. In general we are much more self-conscious when it comes to our body odors ESPECIALLY our ass region. Ask ANY women in the dating game how long it took them before they took a shit at their boyfriend’s house. You’d be surprised to hear many still don’t out of fear their shit smell odor might still be present when her boyfriend visit the bathroom she just used.

Quite empowering for a woman when another person offer his mouth to be used by her to shit into. The mere fact that another human being has such admiration and devotion towards you as a woman without expecting sex as a return makes you feel like the most highly rated human being on the planet. Who wouldn’t want that? Which brings us to the most obvious question of all:

But Goddess Tempest, why don’t more women want to use us as toilets if it makes women feel so amazing?

The answer to that question takes quite a lot of explaining but I’ll stick to the short version. We are MUCH more self-conscious when it comes to our bodies and the odors of what comes out of it. To even consider taking a shit into someone’s mouth is UNTHINKABLE for most women in general. We are more emotional creatures than you and for us an emotional bond is of a lot more importance than for men even when it comes to something as simple and regularly accepted as sex. Let’s say a woman caught her husband cheating on her, having sex with another woman. This is the favorite excuse men use:


We HATE hearing THAT! Want to know why? Because it’s the truth. Men can have sex merely for the sexual pleasure without really making a loving or emotional connection to the woman. For US however it’s very different. Make the right connection with a woman and there’s little she won’t do for you.

How do you guys think I got into fetishes? It’s because I wanted to make my husband (back then my boyfriend) happy because I LOVE him with every fiber of my being. It was sooooo weird and awkward in the beginning but it didn’t take long before my kinky and sadistic side started developing at an alarmingly fast rate.

The same goes for the use of human toilets. My husband and my slave have known each other for years since they were kids. I got to know my slave before I started dominating him. In other words, I made a CONNECTION with him. Not love, but a strong connection of “Owner & Property” I’ve made emotional connections with both my female toilet slaves (Michelle & Nandie) For women it can be quite hard to use just any man as a human toilet with no connection whatsoever. Yes, there are dominatrix’s out there doing it for a fee with no connection at all but remember she does it for a job. Doesn’t mean it’s easy for her.

I have a very strong connection with my human toilet (Devoted Sub) That doesn’t mean it’s love or very emotional. It’s a different connection of admiration, appreciation and respect. Without that connection it would not be nearly as satisfying for me to use him as a toilet. Because there is a connection I get genuine pleasure from using him daily and like those who’ve bought my clips can testify. It shows in my work 🙂

That is why it is just as hard for me finding a female human toilet for lesbian scat clips. My female toilet must first make a connection with me and this could be harder than you might think. Yes, I know there are those out there whom will do it just for the money but let me assure you. You’ll pick it up in the video’s if she’s not really into it and just “acting”

The connection between me and my slave is so strong because he enjoy being my toilet. Does that mean my shit smell like roses? Hell no! My shit STINKS just like yours, it taste HORRIBLE. My slave love being my toilet for the same mental and physical aspects I love using him. He sees it as an opportunity of showing respect towards the female gender in general. Also he see it as an honor to offer himself as my toilet despite the smell and taste. As he swallows my shit it becomes one with him, having something from MY body INSIDE his body. He gladly puts himself through the experience of having to taste my shit as he chew and swallow it just to have it part of him.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I see him under my toilet chair, every time I stare down through the seat at his nervous face, every time I feel his breath on my bottom inhaling my ass odors, every time I feel his lips forming a seal over my asshole, every time I moan in pure pleasure as I feel my creamy turd scraping of his teeth and sliding into his mouth, every time his tongue licks my asshole clean after using him is a SPECIAL moment. I can’t think of a time white fluid doesn’t drip from my vagina from pleasure onto his face.

I have a regular life like any other woman except that I use another person’s mouth instead of a toilet when I take a shit. It’s part of who I am and part of my daily life as a woman 🙂

Devoted Sub, my dear human toilet. You are such a good toilet for me. Do not think your devotion goes unnoticed. Doesn’t matter if I’m constipated or if I have diarrhea. It doesn’t matter if my bowel movement is creamy, firm or MASSIVE. You never complain. Your mouth is always open and ready under my anus when I want to take a shit. You never complain or ask what I’ve eaten, you are always ready to consume my load. No matter how horrible my shit taste sometimes or how much you squirm and gag. You sallow with true devotion and lick my anus clean afterwards. Many times you keep licking my dirty ass while I masturbate to enhance my orgasmic pleasure. You are a true devoted toilet to me every day of my life merely so I can enjoy the intense pleasure of it. Even as I wrote this article and letter your tongue was licking between every smelly wrinkle of my ass, tasting the tip of one of my turds the entire time. The truest form of serving. For THAT sweetie, I thank you.

Your owner

Goddess Tempest :-*


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