New interview with Goddess Tempest

New interview with Goddess Tempest

Interview With Goddess Tempest

Goddess Tempest. Thank you for speaking with us again. What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?

Thank you, I love speaking to you guys 😉 Well I’ve been quite busy lately. Opening my own site and planning the future video productions.

Our little birds told us you now also allow other models to join your site and open their own stores like on Scatshop. Mind telling us about it?

I want birds like yours hahahaha. Yeah, the original idea was to build my site first and increase traffic and let other girls open their own scat stores on my site later. It happened a lot sooner than I thought originally. I was contacted by the owner of the well known Toiletslave And Dommes store and after some negotiations with her I opened a store for them as well.

Is it difficult for a girl or even a couple to open their own scat store on your site? Many girls heard there’s quite a couple of legal boundaries and laws and they don’t know who to turn to for help and advice.

It can be scary at first but it’s not as intimidating as they might think. I was scared shitless when I started a year ago so I know how scary and overwhelming it all seems. I am however available if any of these girls and couples want to open a scat store and they have questions. They can email me:

In short, all they need is a copy of their photo I.D / passport from their home country as well as a proof of residence (like a phone or utility bill in their name with their physical address) I then open them a seller account and their store will be ready to receive clips.

On that topic because many girls want to know this. Why do they need to send you their I.D copy and proof of residence? We understand all sites, even Scatshop and Yezzclips require identification from the models. Isn’t that what scare most girls off from opening their amazing scat store?

Oh yes! It’s definitely the main reason why many girls are scared. They are concerned about their privacy. But I am required by State Law 2257 to have identification. Just to clarify. The website owners (like me, Scatshop and Yezzclips) do not require identification from the models. Only the store owner opening the store. Let me explain in a little more detail.

Let’s say you want to open a scat store. Then we need YOUR identification, NOT identification of the girls / guys in your video’s. If you are a single girl wanting to open a store and you’re the only one in your video’s it means you are the store owner as well as the model. As the store owner we need your identification.

But let’s say you have 5 girls in your video’s. We still need your identification (as the store owner) but we do NOT need identification of your models. As the store owner that is YOUR responsibility to keep record of those as per State Law 2257 It’s a pretty huge law but in short:

I am the Site Owner and you are the Store Owner. We both have our legal obligations as per State Law 2257. MY responsibility is having YOUR identification (Store Owner) and NOT those of your models. YOUR responsibility is having identification as well as relevant content & model release forms signed by of all the models in YOUR video’s.

Let’s say someone buy one of your video’s and they suspect one of the girls is younger than 18 years. That person can report your store to the legal authorities. They then obtain a warrant for the web host (the server on which my web site with all the stores are stored) That web host is under legal requirement to hand over the identification and address of the site owner (That would be ME) I also had to send my REAL identification as well as proof of physical address to the web host when I went into a rental agreement with them to rent a server for my site.

Okay so NOW the legal authorities hand this over to Interpol and THEY hand everything over to the SAPS (South African Police Service) here in South Africa where I live. Now the SAPS knocks on my front door with a warrant. Now I am under the legal obligation to co-operate and hand over the identification and residential address of the store owner (that would be YOU) They then hand this back to Interpol (if you’re not a South African citizen) and Interpol hand this over to the Police in your country. They then knock on your door.

Now YOU need to prove that specific model is really 18 years or older. If you can’t you are in DEEP SHIT!!

My hair stand up straight when I talk to other store owners and they tell me:

“Nah, I’m not asking models for I.D. You can clearly see they are older than 18”

My jaw drops open every time I hear this. ESPECIALLY today you simply can’t take that chance. I can show you 14 year old girls and YOU would argue with me, telling me they are 22 years old or even older. I even keep my own slave’s I.D on record just incase and you can CLEARLY see he is over 30 years old. It is a LEGAL requirement like it is a legal requirement to own a license for a firearm.

I also had to send my real identification as well as proof of residential address to Yezzclips and even Scatshop when I opened my stores there. NO website will let you open a store without it.

Thank you for explaining this to us. Do you think models whom are store owners have something to worry about regarding their privacy?

Any normal person would worry (even I did in the beginning) But let’s say a girl send me her identification and proof of residential address. There is simply NO WAY I can make her real identity public. She can sue my ass off and I can do some actual JAIL time as she can even press CRIMINAL charges against me. The ONLY time I can reveal her real identity is to the POLICE IF they have a warrant. No one else and for no other reason. I can even refuse to give her details to the Police unless they have a warrant legally forcing me to hand them her identification and residential address. In such a case I’d get my attorney to check the warrant first.

So unless she broke laws like abusing animals or have underage models in her productions her real identity will never be revealed. Even if she did break the law I can only reveal her identity to the Police and NOT the public.

I think that answers a lot of questions for girls who want to open a store. If a girl open a store on your site. What makes your site different from other sites?

There are a number of advantages to my site compared to others. Yes, other sites are more well established with much larger traffic than mine since my site is still brand new BUT. Keep in mind other sites has hundreds of stores meaning you are facing pretty stiff competition. Since my site is still new you don’t have nearly as much competition as on other sites. With other sites you have design the whole layout of your store yourself (a daunting task if you are not familiar with programming such as WordPress or Remix.) On my site I design and maintain your entire store for you! All you have to do is send me your clips, the price and description for each clip and I do the rest FOR YOU. I even take the most enticing screenshots from your clip with capturing software. I also offer higher payout rates. On most sites you only get between 25% to 60% profit on all the sales of your clips. I offer more than 60%. I also don’t screw the models like SOME of the other sites. I recently caught a site owner red handed not paying me for all my clips they sold. I confronted the site owner and never got a reply. I know how that feels so girls, you can rest assured I won’t do that with you. I even create unique order numbers for each store. So if you ever want to make sure I can send you a copy of ALL transactions into my account and you can compare the order numbers yourself to check if I have paid you all your shares.

That’s a pretty open policy you have there. Clearly you want to ensure the models are happy with you hosting their stores on your site.

Absolutely! It takes YEARS to build a good reputation, but only minutes to get a bad one.

So let’s say a girl want to open her very first own scat store but she is a little nervous. Do you have any advice for her?

You are scared shitless and I know how that feels. But remember I’m merely a call / email away to help you step by step setting everything up. All you need to do is to make your clips and have FUN making them. I even offer advice on camera angles, lightning as well as editing for models doing this the first time 🙂

WOW! You really are dedicated helping these girls but the most important question we want to ask on their behalf. Can they make real money of this?

That depends on her dedication as well as passion for this fetish. I know of some top selling stores making as much as $10 000 a month but they have been doing it for years, they market the hell out of their stores and they have 10 or more models employed full time with at least 6 shoots a week. You can earn anything from $200 to $2000 a month depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put into your clips.

Would you advise a girl to do some marketing on social media for her store then?

Oh yes, she won’t succeed without it and I also offer advice on how to do it. She should also take screenshots of the links she post to her store on my site via social media as I offer an additional 5% payout rate for models doing this. It means she will get an additional 5% on ALL her sales from her store per month. When you are going into 5 digit figures that is quite a chunk of cash extra for her.

Are there any fees she must pay in order to open her store on your site?

She doesn’t pay ANY fees. I want to make this clear girls. If ANY site ask you fees to open a store then WALK AWAY! I take a small percentage of your profit to cover hosting and server costs so I will NEVER ask you to pay anything when you open a store with me.

We have a few more questions regarding other topics (you did promise us a in depth interview this time)

HAHAHAHAAAAA!! I did yes, so ask away! LOL

Our little birds told us your latest clip “Toilet Mania” is a raging success. There was apparently some technical and medical problems delaying the rest of the production with just over two weeks. Can you tell us more about it and how you came up with this idea?

What? So your “little birds” couldn’t give you the juicy details hey? HAHAHAHAAAAA

Okay, let’s start with the theme of the clip. Hubby and I are both WWE wrestling fans lol Anybody watching WWE wrestling will know about Wrestle Mania It’s a PPV (Pay Per View) event once a year where all the biggest and most badass wrestlers take each other on in the ring. In recent years the WWE lost most of it’s big time wrestlers like Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair and John Cena (hope I’m not going to get shit for mentioning those names in a SCAT interview hahahaa)

Anyway, WWE isn’t the same anymore without them so hubby and I thought why don’t we make a tribute to the fallen stars of the WWE wrestling in a scat video between me and my slave.

So I came up with WWTF (World Wrestling Toilet Federation) hosting Toilet Mania. A special event where my slave Devoted Sub challenge me to a match where anything goes. It’s for the House Tempest Title The winner will control the dungeon and the loser must lick the winner’s smelly & sweaty ass and eat the winner’s shit.

The medical problems came in with the scenes where I Choke Slammed my slave. Lifting his 200lbs frame of the ground left me with some injuries to my lower back and right knee. (Despite what people think these stunts are extremely dangerous) The rest of the shoots have been delayed for two weeks for my knee to heal properly. Take a close look at this pic, you notice I crossed my left foot to cover my right knee?

New interview with Goddess Tempest

You see it’s because my knee got busted during the choke slam stunt. It was swollen to nearly twice it’s normal size. I’m smiling but I’m doing my best not to vomit from pain.

Technical problems came in with the “fighting scene” As an ex kick boxer it was important that I try my best to “hit like a girl” Compliance Law 2257 (yes, AGAIN and there’s quite a few categories of this little fucker) is pretty strict on “violence” in clips if it looks too real. On hubby’s insistence my slave and I had to re-shoot this scene FOUR times because I kept punching too fast and too much like my kick boxing days. Eventually I managed to “fight like a girl” but I was STILL punching way too fast. With editing I slowed down that scene by 20% so it would appear I’m punching and kicking slower.

Old habits do die hard and my last punch was a “lefty” knocking my slave out cold! It’s so fast the camera struggled to pick it up:

My left fist is a mere blur as the camera’s “frames per second” is not fast enough. For a few moments my slave seemed fine and then dropped to the floor. Luckily he is used to this (he and my hubby used to be boxing partners back in the day) We decided to leave this part in. I must say he was quite capable of “fighting like a girl” HAHAHHAAAA On a serious note, both he and my husband used to spend a lot of time in the boxing ring. If this was a real fight it would’ve taken him less than a minute to beat me to death lol

Hubby told me afterwards:

“You and Devoted Sub are getting too old for these type of stunts”

I think he has a point as we both looked like we were in a car accident lol That’s also why the rest of ALL shoots were delayed. People get upset if they see actual purple bruising.

Now I’ll get to the more fun part people want to know about hahahahaa. I’ve been experimenting with my diet because I know people love seeing me taking massive shits. So following this diet and holding my shit in 4 days helped me produce MASSIVE and yet very solid and extremely smooth turds. My turds are usually “bumpy” but in this case their surface was ultra smooth. I’ve never had shits like those before.

However I got constipated and struggled for over 3 hours before I was able to shit. The idea was I would push out a certain length of turd and my slave would bite and chew, then I’ll push further. No matter how much I tried but in no position was I able to push it out. I was also certain once I started to shit after so many days I wouldn’t be able to stop once I start. So my slave came up with a plan.

I sat on a bowl and FINALLY I could feel it starting to slide out:

THAT face you see there is NOT acting. That is really how amazing it felt. An ENTIRE 15 seconds of a thick, solid and ultra smooth turd that simply kept curling out of my ass slowly. I could feel it breaking off in between but it kept coming, I thought it would never end. How I managed to talk WHILE it kept sliding out I don’t know but it was such intense pleasure it was actually painful. What surprised me was the most intense strong shit smell, that doesn’t usually happen with shits this solid and large.

New interview with Goddess Tempest

I was a little upset that this one extremely long turd broke into 4 pieces (bowl far too small and swallow) Instead of one super long thick piece it was now 4 long pieces. I just wish I measured it before he ate all of them.


Notice how he is sweating like a pig? You see, just before the camera started rolling again my sadistic desires got the better of me and I explained to my slave that I know there’s no way anyone can chew and swallow THAT (most overpowering smell) I told him I want a production for once and for all where he chew and swallow EVERYTHING and he must ensure to stay in the frame the entire time so everyone can see there’s no cheating. I told him I know THAT particular load is too much for any human toilet so I’ll understand if he can’t do it. As long as he understand I’ll be searching for his replacement. Seeing him breaking into a sweat over the possibility of not being my toilet anymore if he fails got me so aroused I would’ve humped anything lol

One of the four turds he had to eat without any cuts or breaks, one scene shot without stopping. Hearing him gag, seeing the sweat from agony running down his face only aroused me more and more. In between I even made him tell me what it taste like for him. With that intense feeling of pleasure from pushing those ones out still fresh in my mind as I watched him suffer to chew and swallow it all bite for bite simply pushed me past the edge.

Despite the fact that I keep from too much sexual activities during my clips I simply couldn’t stop myself. I was fingering myself and trying to hide it but my climax face gave me away lol

The light climaxes I experienced while he was eating the first 3 turd only made me more aroused and sadistic as I noticed he actually left the biggest turd for last. Having two fingers deep in my vagina made me even more merciless so I improvised:

As you can see that last turd is far too big and thick to fit in his mouth so I pushed it in with my fingers until half of it was down his throat.

Why am I laughing? Because I’m about to orgasm. Look how swollen his throat is! I know it’s impossible for him getting that one down, it’s simply too much for him by now. Now this is where there are parts behind the scenes the public don’t get to see. We stopped the camera and my slave stayed in this position while he was handcuffed with his hands behind the chair and his ankles bound together.

Now from here the video runs again BUT what you don’t know is an entire 30 minutes went by with me holding him in this position with the camera not running. His gagging and his back rubbing against my vagina brought me so many squirting & earth shattering orgasms gushing my vaginal fluid against is back I lost count. What you see here was when hubby started the camera again. Little do the viewers know the agony my restrained slave already endured.

As I felt him swallowing slowly out of pure desperation I clamped my hand tighter on his throat to make it even harder for him. That sadistic laugh you see there? It’s actually another orgasm disguised behind a laugh 😉

Well, just because he suffered so much doesn’t mean he can get lazy with his duties. Look how dirty my asshole is, so he still had to lick it clean for me afterwards

Oopsie! Oh well shit happens right? Yeah, there was still a little more so he had to offer his mouth again. Best part? This mean my ass had to be licked clean AGAIN HAHAHAHA Oh I’m such an evil & sadistic bitch 😉

Despite all the difficulties this video is the highlight of my career 🙂

We can see why our little birds are going on so much and why this video is such a huge success! It there anywhere you have perhaps a small sample of it? For those who want to “Try before they buy?”

Of course, it’s an 18 minute video but I have a shorter 8 minute version as a preview for free here:

If you enjoy it and want to see the best parts of the remaining 10 minutes you can check out my store:

Goddess Tempest we love this in depth interview but sadly we must draw to an end in order for it not to be too long for our readers. We can always do another one again. But we have a final question that we hear a lot and like to see how you feel about it. Do you think Japanese scat and toilet slavery is ruining the scene?

Why do I always get the tough questions that can get me in trouble? HAHAHAAA Just kidding 🙂

I wouldn’t say Japanese scat is ruining the scene. I’d say those ones of them using fake feces (shit) are ruining it and unfortunately it’s the majority. The past 6 months I’ve been getting loads of messages from fans complaining about Japanese scat “flooding” social media and scat sites and almost all of the complaints were people noticing they use fake shit. So for the past 6 months I downloaded a total of 90 free preview Japanese clips and bought 10 full clips.

I studied these clips very closely, slowing down the playback and enhancing the video quality on some and found the following shocking facts:

88% Of them use fake shit

5% Uncertain (I couldn’t say for sure)

7% The only amount of clips where you can see the feces are actually real without a doubt.

Shocking figures I know. Interestingly Asians seems the most honest. I haven’t exactly did in depth research regarding their clips but the few I have bought ALL were real like mine and a handful of others.

I promise my next article will be about this where I will go into more detail about Japanese scat and the few that use real shit. I know there are some “Japscat lovers” out there 🙂


Want to buy scat / toilet slavery clips directly from me CHEAPER and SAFER? Don’t use your credit card and run the risk of exposing yourself or worse. Contact me here directly for more information or visit my website:


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  1. Dear Goddess Tempest,

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    I w so happy to read that you were fingering yourself and got so wet by watching
    your slave eat slave. If I had the GREAT HONOR of being in that lucky slave’s place,
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    Oh, and to have the priviledge of licking your filthy ass clean, would be so glorious!

    you are so wonderful!

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