Brown Excellency

Brown Excellency is a blog about Scatplay and toilet slavery. This includes sexual activities where feces are involved. We also write about other bodyfluids (piss, spit, vomit) once in a while.

Scat/Kaviar/Hardsports and Piss play/golden showers. (In Dutch kaviaar and poepseks)

This blog is from the same creator as and the ”NDBFE” forum (This was a former extreme fetish forum).

We don’t focus on videos or scat dating, but rather provide our visitors with quality information.

Who owns Brown Excellency?

Brown Excellency is owned by Joey, a young Dutch male with a passion for Toilet play.

You guys like playing with urine and feces? Are you insane?
Well, i won’t call myself ”normal” but i have a house, a job, hobbies and normal friends. I also shower daily, brush my teeth and keep my house clean. I prefer clean toilets and get disgusted by dog poop in the streets. I’m not into any illegal sexual acts (Scat play is legal where i live) and treat other people with respect.

Do you play solo? Or with other people?
I’m not really into my own feces, but i played a bit with then when i was younger. I prefer to play with females.

Do you need Toiletplay to get sexually aroused?

No, definitely not. I also enjoy normal sex and more regular BDSM. Toiletplay is just a kind of extra. A very hot and special extra…

If your also into normal sex, why do you still write that much about Toilet-play? Isn’t normal sex or soft BDSM easier to find people for? It’s also more hygienic.

Interesting question. Well, i give you 2 reasons. 1: With normal sex, i get bored after a while. 2: Toiletplay is just so intimate and special to me. I tried to ”hide” it many times, but the fantasies always come back after a while.

Are you a fantasist or do you actually practice Toilet play?

Joey: To be honest, I’m a bit of both. I’ve had some serious experiences in real-life and I’m planning to do more. So that means I’m a real toilet player. On the other hand, most of the time I’m just fantasizing about toilet play than actually doing it.

Where are you guys located?

Joeysb lives in The Netherlands. In Dutch, scat play is often called ”poepseks” or ”poepsex”. King Toby lives in Australia

Do you have permission for the things you post on this blog?

It depends. We often post links without asking permission. When it comes to pictures and videos, we always ask for permission.

Do you receive money for the advertisements you have on your blog?

No. I do this because i love the sites.

Do you receive money or goods for another thing you do with this blog?

No, i receive nothing. At the moment, I’m doing it only for the community. And of course, my own entertainment.

”At the moment” Does that mean it might change in the future?
To be honest, yes. I’m trying to find a way to get some money with this blog. The money will be used to improve the blog.

For Mistresses/Pro Dommes

You asshole! You made a Favorite Scat Mistress list and I’m not on it!

I’m sorry. I probably didn’t know you when the list was made. I respect all Domina’s that participate in human toilet slavery. The ones that got on my list where ladies that i knew for a longer time. I also served them in real-life, or bought their videos.

At the moment, I’m working at a new ”Favorite Scat Mistress list” with Ladies i didn’t knew when i made the list. If you want to be on it, please mail me at

Could you add my link to your linkpage?

Sure, i love to! Please email me with the link.

Could you write about me and my site/services?

I like to do that. Please give me a link or information and i will post about you soon.

You linked my site without my permission.

Yeah, I’m that rude. I’m sorry, please email me and i will remove it as soon as possible.

Thanks for adding my site to your linkpage, but I’m not longer active/offering scat services.

I’m sorry to hear. Please email me, and i will remove it as soon as possible.

Thanks for writing about me/my site but what you posted is incomplete/things have changed

Thanks for informing me. Please email me the right information!

For Video-creators and store owners

I would like to have a link of my store on your blog

Of course i can do that. Please email me with your link.

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