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Joeysb is the founder of Brown Excellency and it’s preuqlee sbscat.blogspot.com


Joey also had some great experiences as a toilet slave in sessions with Professional ladies. His goal is to become a good reliable toilet slave that offers full consumption.

Level of experience: Novice. Engaged in 3 scat sessions.

Available for:

  • Writing
  • Promotion
  • Ideas
  • Toilet service?

Although Joey would love to act as a toiletslave, he doesn’t see himself as a worthy toilet yet. Being a young guy trying to build a career, he also lacks the time and skills to preform as a full-time slave.

However, Joey is happy do Professional toilet sessions. If you are in The Netherlands and in need of a paying toiletsub, you’re welcome to contact him.

  • Videos

Joeysb is also very willing to preform in Femdom (scat) videos. Although he is not the most experienced slave around, he will do his best and is willing to pay a tribute.

Contact information


Fetlife: http://fetlife.com/users/1842406

Eroprofile: Eroprofile.com/joeysb

King Toby


Hello there! I am King Toby (obviously not my real name!). I am an Australian guy who has been interested in scat-play for many years. Also being a writer, I enjoy writing, photography, animals, outdoors, cooking, and have a fond appreciation for horror/exploitation films!

Besides scat-play I’m interested in many aspects of the BDSM lifestyle, including(but not limited to) being submissive to a woman (scat play only), also D/s play, B&D, watersports, etc.

I am also what is known as an emetophile (someone who is turned on by vomiting or observing others vomit!).

Having to hide away my toilet-sex fetishes has become somewhat of a hindrance for me – nobody likes to hide something about themselves that they are so passionate about, yet I feel that I have reached a place in my life where I accept that these fetishes may never be fully lived out (even as sad as that makes me).

Gender: Male.  

Sexual Orientation: Heteroflexible  

Age: 41

Country: Australia.  

Hair: Short,dark brown.

Body: Average (I’m working on it!)   

Hobby’s: Internet, BDSM, Gaming, films, Outdoors, Photography, Animals, Cooking.

Favorite Scat Stars: Alexia Cage, Ingrid, Cathy, Melanie(UK), Veronica Moser, Louise Hunter, Isabelle Extreme, Reike, Santara (# 1  !!!!), Betty, Crap Loving Carole, Julia, HotScatWife (aka Ashley), Samantha Starfish, Angelina, Ella Gilbert.

(I also love a lot of the MFX Brazilian girls, but FAR too many to list!)

Contact: uc4cd.39@gmail.com

Fetlife: Please feel free to visit my profile here, but be kind, gentle and accepting.

Twitter: Visit my Official Twitter Account here!


Available for:

  • Writing
  • Promotion
  • Ideas
  • Toilet service – (I am dreaming of course, but YES PLEASE!)