Our mission

Brown Excellency is a blog with a goal. We want to create a quality source of information for anyone who has interest in the fetish.

However, besides that it is also a blog with a ”mission”.

The mission to make scatplay more accepted.

Of course, brown showers will probably never be as big as Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s okay. It does not have to be mainstream, but a little more acceptance would be great. We do not think scat play should in the same category as incest and paedophilia. Not all scat-players are freaks and not all ladies are cheap whores.

That’s we encourage our readers to think with their minds rather than their dicks and do not bother other people with the fetish.

”Is a fan-boy project like this really going to help the acceptance of scat?”

We aren’t sure, but we are doing our best.