Need our help?

Brown Excellency is always willing to help fellow toilet players.

If you are someone who (wants to) practice(s) toiletplay and need help.

Do you practice toilet play and have a question? Do you have the interest but don’t know how to start? Let us help you!

Sorry, where are NOT able to find a female scat partner for you. It’s okay to ask us about dating, but we probably don’t have a satisfying answer for you.

If you are a Pro Domme and/or a video-creater and need help.

Are you a Pro Domme that’s is considering scatplay? Do you have a scat store and could use some promotion? Are you in need of actors or screenwriters? Brown Excellency is always willing to give you some support!

Sorry, we do NOT participate in any kind of financial domination. Although we have donated some money to stores we really believed in.

For questions about Professional Toilet sessions we will likely redirect you to other Pro Dommes we know.