Brown Excellency loves to do interviews – not only with scat stars, but also with directors and even male subs.

Here is a list of the people we have previously interviewed:

Scat Mistresses

Goddess Tempest

Scat Princess Inka

Scat Princess Nicole

Scat Models

Samantha Starfish



Male Toilets

Devoted Sub

Jon Dump

Do you want to do an interview with us?

We are happy to do so!

The guidelines:

  • We prefer to send you an email with the questions. However, we are also open to do a skype interview.
  • If you don’t like a question, just let us know. We will take it out of the interview
  • We won’t publish it without permission.
  • If you change your mind after it’s published, just let us know. We will take it down.
  • We are always willing to mention your store/services in the interview.
  • We will NOT promote any kind of financial domination, sorry. Of course we have no problem with you engaging within it (it’s your life), but we would rather not promote it.

Don’t have time for a full interview but still want to answer some questions? We are also open to do a short Q&A with only 2-3 questions! (Although the average Brown Excellency interview includes 7 questions)